Showing 5 Most Common Exercises for Women and their Good and Bad Results

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It’s no secret that everyone wants a shapely body. Therefore it is not surprising that in the United States by 2030, the number of participants fitness centers and gyms is set to rise by more than 30 percent. Generally men would pay more attention to strong hands and chiseled chest, while the girls pay more attention to the buttocks and flat stomachs.

Given that most amateurs do not exercise under the supervision of experts / trainers make mistakes when performing exercises. Especially concerned with exercises for the trunk and buttocks. Often, times such an exercise is performed incorrectly, resulting in injury and overuse that you surely want to avoid.

Lowering and raising leg (third exercise) is an excellent exercise to activate the muscles of the trunk (the rectus abdominis, better known as the six pack muscle). What you can see in the video, and we often see with the girls, the separation of the back of the floor during the performance. Squats and lunges (exercises 4 and 5) girls especially like to work with the aim of shaping the buttocks and legs. As a rule, these are exercises where there are the most errors and the most are the risks of injury. Raising the head and underscore pelvis in the lower squat position, as well as excessive push your knees forward while reaching, errors are occurring in almost all girls. If you recognize yourself in some of the displayed exercise and errors then you should definitely take a look at the following video and tips to correct the above errors.


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